You never know when medical emergency hits you and causes financial emergency. It is not easy to bear medical cost if financial condition is not good. To cover medical emergency, buy health insurance to get quality treatment. Buying health insurance will save you when there is any medical emergency and cover the cost of treatment. To buy healthcare insurance plan, get in touch with and gain access to a wide range of policies. Our policies are designed in a way that they safeguard your finances and suit your exact needs. We tailor each insurance policy to suit the needs of our clients.

Our health insurance plans offers you a wide range of benefits. Each plan suits the budget and medical needs of our clients.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance plan is the contract or policy signed between policyholder and the insurance company. Here the insurance provider bears medical cost incurred by the policyholder. Either the insurance provider offers reimbursement for medical expenses or bears the charges or ensures that you get cashless treatment for the sickness or the injuries borne. The best part is that you get here tax deductions on premiums you pay towards the health insurance plan. This benefit is received under the Section80D Income TAX Act 1961.

The various types or kinds of health insurance plans in India

In India, Medical Insurance Plans may be either indemnity based policies or fixed benefit hospitalization plans.

 Indemnity based policy is also known as reimbursement based policy. Now, Indemnity based health insurance or Reimbursement health insurance can be classified into further categories. It is also called Mediclaim Insurance where the insurer reimburses medical expenses resulting from diagnosis, hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization treatment. This type of plan has an annual limit whereby you may renew it every year. This kind of plan may be availed as follows:

  • Individual Health Insurance Plan: This is the kind of health insurance plan whereby any particular individual is covered for the sum you insure. Although you can enroll family members for this plan but different sums need to be selected for each member.
  • Family Floater Insurance Plan: This is again the kind of health insurance plan whereby the insurance plan is simply customized for family members. The fixed sum of money is available for members who are insured. They can be parents, children and spouse.
  • Fixed Benefit Hospitalization Plan: This kind of health insurance plan offers fixed benefit or payout when any of the insured persons is diagnosed with illness. But, it only covers only a part of hospitalization cost or offers a kind of substitute income. To this insurance plan, you may attach several riders or add-on as per the base policy:
  • Critical Illness Plan: Here the insurer offers fixed benefit to the person who is insured in case if any illness is diagnosed. This lumpsum amount will cover for the hospitalization cost or acts as income supplement.
  • Hospital Cash and Surgical Benefit Plans: This insurance plan covers both hospitalization cost and surgical cost. In order to receive benefits, you need to submit the medical bills to the insurer.


Why do you need a health insurance plan?

With the technological advancement, the cost of treatment has increased. The cost of treatment puts additional pressure on the one who is deceased. So, healthcare is getting unaffordable for many. offers a wide range of health insurance plans to take care of the treatment and also hospitalization cost.

What are the benefits of having health insurance plan?

Health Insurance Policy will cover for the cost of treatment and hospitalization charges. Charges included in it are pre hospitalization and post hospitalization, in-patient treatment, cost of day care service, etc. You may move to the product page in order to know the benefits you get.

Can I apply for the policy online?

Eccone Solutions insurance plans are available online. You may make the payment online after choosing policy which suits your need.

How to know about the premium amount?

The premium amount you need to pay for health insurance relies on the kind of plan you buy, the age, tenure of the plan and health adversity.

To avail a wide range of plans, get in touch with us. We offer support for all 24 hours.

Personal accident cover: have you think of the situation if you ever meet with an accident. What will happen to your family and how will you manage the expenses? Don’t worry you can get it covered by taking a personal insurance policy from us. We have a wide array of accidental insurance that can easily cover your risks.

Family health plan: only covering yourself from any illness is not enough, this is the reason a family or group health insurance is the best bet for you. A single premium can be enough to cover all your worries about the health of your family members. Moreover when you take this kind of policy then you have to pay lesser amount than taking individual ones for each of your loved ones.

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